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    Within this community there are a few rules to follow for on the forums.
    These rules have to be followed strict otherwise it may result in a ban.

    # NO RACISM!
    # Respect other members on the forums and staff members!
    # Do not threat anyone through our website or teamspeak (for example that you will ddos someone).
    # DDOS'ers will be banned!
    # HACKING is NOT allowed!
    # NO Sexual Harassment!
    # Do not place someone's personal info in a post!

    The rules that will now follow are a few important ones but will not result necessarily in a ban for the first time breaking it (everyone can make misstakes)

    # Make sure you place your post in the right website section (i.e if you want to report someone place it in the report a player section).
    # Do not place your post written in only CAPITAL LETTERS.
    # Do not use any offensive languages.

    Here are some golden tips for first time users.

    # If you place your own personal information such as your mobile phone number you can put yourself in a great risk.
    # If you are not sure where to place your post than don't hesitate to go to a staff member on the teamspeak or to send one of them a PM.

    Teamspeak IP:
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