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    What Is Your Name? : Eroz

    Is your forum name and teamspeak name the same?: Affirmative

    What is your full DoB, and age?: 29/06/1997 = 20 years old

    Do you both speak and understand fluent English?: Yes

    Explain why we should allow you to be part of ERM Gaming's Community and explain your motivation:
    I'm looking for a community to commit to and play with. I've played with Murgesh, Paul and Brandy and really liked that deep, intense , sensual bond they were sharing. They put a cock on my head and then shot me but it was fun. I'd love that to happen again on a daily or weekly basis (not for the cocks, just the general fun atmosphere).

    Are you part of any other communities?:

    How did you find out about us?:
    By blowing stuff up with some of your members

    Please paste the link to the Server rules here:

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