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    General Rules
    • No Exploiting, Glitching, Or Hacking. This will result in a Temp or Permanent Ban.
    • This is a PVP server, expect to be killed.
    • Excessive trolling in not allowed.
    • Advertising other game servers including TeamSpeak servers is not allowed. And you will be perm banned.
    • Log off in time before restart, you will NOT be refunded if you are kicked from the server.
    • Do not Combat Log.
    • Respect all players and admins at all times!
    • Do not argue with an admin in-game, If you want to discuss something you can find us in TeamSpeak.
    • Do NOT Impersonate ERM Staff, this will result in a permanent ban.
    • If you need an Admin please join TeamSpeak.
    • Do NOT accuse players of cheating or hacking in chat/game – Report it to an ERM team member in TS or on the Forum under report form (this way we can spectate the player without raising suspicion).
    • Continuing to falsely accuse players may result in a ban.
    • If you think you know someone is breaking a rule or hacking you can report them on TeamSpeak or on the ERM forums.
    • ERM Staff decisions and are final. If you would like to appeal any decision made by an ERM staff member, post an appeal on the ERM Forums.

    Chat Rules

    • English in side chat only.
    • Keep side-chat clean, NO racism, NO sexual comments, NO life threats!
    • No trash talking in side chat. Be friendly.


    • We can only compensate after we have received conclusive video proof.
    • We do not compensate when you die to stairs, rocks, buildings or bushes.
    • We do not compensate when you cannot access the inventory of a corpse.
    • We do not compensate crates and Redux containers that lost their content due to moving. Empty them before moving it!

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    Good job!
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    well done ;)
  4. RandomBadger

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    Well kinda doesn't matter now as that server doesn't exist anymore

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